Welcome to the home of the Texans Liberty Tailgaters!!
Welcome to the home of the Texans Liberty Tailgaters!!

TLT History

When Houston decided to bring back a NFL team we knew without a doubt that we would be apart of it! In 2002 we purchased our Big Yellow bus and began to transform the inside.  In the beginning TLT wasn't even TLT. We were know as the Goal Post Gang due to the bus being yellow and matching the color of the goal post's inside the stadium. We started with just 4 memebers (Steven, Kristina, Jason & Jessica).  To help pay for improvements on the bus Kristina sold advertisements to be displayed on the back of the bus.  We basically made it look like a Nascar bus!  First season of the bus on the way to the game our engine blew.  It was devasting, but we purchased a new engine and had it installed and ready to go by the next season.  Soon after while tailgating we were approached by Quality Insulation to sponsor the bus. Of course we said YES and with that partnership phase 2 of bus transformation began.  We painted the bus Liberty white and became Texans Liberty Tailgaters! We had a grafiti artist tag the bus, add AC, dark tint to the windows and our awesome Wet Sounds Speakers! 

In 2009, TLT stepped it up!! Our members grew from 4 to 20 members, and we partnered up with Bull Shirts & Bull Prints!! With the new partnership we wrapped the bus with a customized wrap, giving the bus a facelift!  Each week TLT cooks something different and extraordinary.  We have two (2) beer taps that flow Ice Cold Beer off the back side of the bus and  we can't forget about the yummy jello shots & our newest addition TLT Yard Shot!! 

2010 and 2011 TLT won HEB Tailgater of the Game and competed for Tailgater of the Year, placing 2nd the first year and 4th place in 2011!!  We look forward to many more season and enjoy making lots of memories with our friends!!

950 KPRC Interview - 9/18/2016
Had the pleasure speaking to Randy Hansen on his Outdoor Cooking Show on 09/18/16. Enjoy!
Kristina Perry Interview.mp3
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